What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training?

What is BFR Training, and how can it help you reach your goals faster?

Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) is a tool used for rehabilitating an injury and performance training. The specific goal of BFRT is to enhance muscle strength and hypertrophy with low load training. This is achieved by using a medical grade tourniquet on the involved limb to restrict blood flow to the muscles being trained. As a result, we see a restriction of blood flow traveling out of the muscles while allowing blood flow into the muscles. This creates a lack of oxygen within the muscles specifically, allowing physiologic changes to occur that associate with muscle growth and repair. 

Similar adaptations are present when we perform high intensity resistance training. However, by using BFRT, we can accomplish the same benefits of heavy resistance training without having to put heavy stress and strain on the body. Specifically after injury, this is highly beneficial as the tissue is healing and does not need added stress at that specific time.

BFRT is a very safe and effective form of training. The pressure of the cuff is specific to the person. It does not cause any harm to the muscles or blood vessels. BFRT also has the added benefit of improving your cardiovascular health by increasing cardiovascular endurance and improving vascular function. 

BFRT has grown in popularity over the years; however, it is not yet a staple you will find in every PT clinic. Advance and accelerate your rehab and performance with BFRT today!